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Уважаемые пользователи RuTOR , Все сайты из нашего списка проверены и находятся онлайн, их нет в скам листах. Остерегайтесь фишинг сайтов и помните об уголовной ответственности за незаконные сделки. Подборка официальных сайтов по продаже веществ от форума Rutor носит исключительно информативный характер.


Эта площадка существует довольно давно и в этот период она медленно развивалась в тени гидры. В настоящее время это ведущий сайт по продаже веществ в даркнете.



Благодаря хорошей подготовке и листингу на зарубежных сайтах площадка смогла составить конкуренцию в стабильности и доступности, чего не смогли ее конкуренты, но все же она уступает по полпулярности площадке OMG!OMG!


3. HYDRA - Возрождение легенды.

Идут работы по восстановлению всеми любимой гидры, но все не так просто как казалось ранее, совсем скоро она будет доступна, а сейчас нам остается только ждать релиза от команды HYDRA.


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Официальный сайт гидры онион ramponion com
Russia attacks UkraineMiddle EastFEATUREDLATEST NEWSListen to the Daily News BriefBEYOND THE GAMEEditor's PickFamed painter Hockney’s The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020 in IstanbulWagner Group: Russia Mercenaries in UkraineTürkiye-EU Look to Co-operate on Green EnergyRussia cuts gas supplies to Poland. Is Germany next?Africa Matters: Guterres in West AfricaOne on One - US Ambassador to UN Linda Thomas-GreenfieldGaza Part I | Storyteller | Full FilmAcross the Balkans: Is Moldova Putin’s next target?Philippines Election Second Global COVID-19 Summit to ensure access to vaccineAbortion bill stalls in US SenatePakistan’s PM Sharif under pressure to revive economyUkraine proposes prisoner swap to aid Azovstal plant soldiersAl Jazeera journalist shot dead in occupied West BankIn Finland there is now overwhelming support for рамп NATO membershipUkraine pushes back Russian troops near KharkivPresident Rajapaksa warns of racial tension amid economic crisisTranscriptTranscript not load.May 12, 2022*) EU: Russia ‘most direct threat to world order’Russia is the "most direct threat" to the international order because of its attacks on Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said.Russia "is today the most direct threat to the world order with the barbaric war against Ukraine, and its worrying pact with China," von der Leyen said after talks with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.For his part, Kishida said Russia's offensive in Ukraine is not just a matter for Europe, but it shakes the core of the international order including Asia.*) Ukraine to hold first ‘war crimes’ trial of captured RussianAs fighting continues in Ukraine, Kiev's top prosecutor has disclosed plans for the first "war crimes" trial of a captured Russian soldier.The 21-year-old soldier is accused of gunning down a 62-year-old civilian in February, four days into Russia’s attack on the country.While he could get up to 15 years in prison, it is not known when the trial will start.The prosecutor general’s office added it has been investigating more than 10,700 alleged "war crimes" committed by Russian forces.*) North Korea confirms first Covid outbreak, orders nationwide lockdownNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called for thorough nationwide lockdowns as the country confirmed its first-ever case of Covid-19.The country has detected an outbreak of a sub-variant of the highly transmissible Omicron version of the coronavirus, state news agency said.The agency called it a "severe national emergency incident" after more than two years of keeping the pandemic at bay.*) Calls for probe into killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh grow louderThe killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during an Israeli army raid in the occupied West Bank has drawn global condemnation.The United States, United Nations, European Union and Türkiye separately called for a fair probe into the incident.Al Jazeera said 51-year-old Palestinian-American Abu Akleh was killed "in cold blood" and demanded Israeli forces be held accountable.But Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett suggested "armed Palestinians" were "likely" responsible for the killing.And, finally...*) Oil giant Saudi Aramco overtakes Apple as world’s most valuable companyOil giant Saudi Aramco has dethroned Apple as the world's most valuable company as surging oil prices drive up shares and tech stocks slump.The Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company was valued at 2.42 trillion dollars based on the price of its shares at close of market on Wednesday.Apple, meanwhile, has seen its share price drop over вход the past month and was valued at 2.37 trillion dollars when official trading ended.Thursday, May 12, 2022 Thu, 12 May 2022 09:36:59 +0000May 11, 2022*) Ukrainians make gains in eastUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said Russian troops are being pushed away from Ukraine's second city Kharkiv.In his nightly address, Zelensky said "the occupiers are gradually being pushed away" from the Kharkiv region.Ukrainian authorities in the region said four villages near Kharkiv were cleared from Russian troops."Fierce battles" were ongoing in the region, and that the city itself was under heavy fire, they added.*) US lawmakers approve $40B military, economic aid for UkraineUS lawmakers have voted to send a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine.The defence, humanitarian and economic funding passed the House of Representatives by 368 votes to 57.It will likely pass the Senate by the end of the week or next week.All the dissenting votes came from the Republican ranks.*) Israeli troops shoot dead Al Jazeera journalist in occupied West BankIsraeli forces have shot dead an Al Jazeera reporter in the occupied West Bank.Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli forces while reporting on a raid in the city of Jenin, Palestinian officials said.The Palestinian Health Ministry said a second reporter, Ali Samodi, working for the Jerusalem-based Al Quds newspaper had been wounded.Israeli army confirmed that it had conducted an operation in Jenin refugee camp, saying that reporters were hit “possibly by shoots fired by Palestinian gunmen."The occupied West Bank city of Jenin has seen intensified army raids in recent weeks as violence in the region has surged.*) UN urges restraint, calls for dialogue to quell deadly Sri Lanka unrestThe UN has condemned the spiralling violence in Sri Lanka, calling on authorities to prevent further unrest and pursue “meaningful dialogue.”“I am deeply troubled by the escalation of violence in Sri Lanka after supporters of the prime minister attacked peaceful protesters in Colombo” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said.Eight people, including a parliamentarian, have been killed and over 250 wounded in initially peaceful demonstrations as the country battles its worst economic crisis in history.And, finally...*) Apple pulling the plug on iPod after 20 yearsApple is discontinuing the iPod more than 20 years after the device became the face of portable music.The company said in a blog post that the current generation of iPods will only be available as long as current supplies last.The trend toward streaming music services has made devices designed just for carrying digital tunes around less enticing for customers.Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Wed, 11 May 2022 10:21:56 +0000May 10, 2022*) Biden signs bill reviving world war 2 plan to supply arms to UkraineUS President Joe Biden has eased the acceleration of US weapons shipments to Ukraine through a law based on a World War II measures helping US allies to defeat Nazi Germany.Biden signed the Lend-lease Act in the Oval Office, saying the US supports Ukrainians' "fight to defend their country and their democracy against Putin's brutal war".Acknowledging the billions of dollars already spent by the United States, Biden said "caving to aggression is even more costly".*) Marcos Jr wins by landslide in Philippines presidential electionThe son of late Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos has won a landslide presidential election victory as Filipino voters dismissed warnings his rise could put their fragile democracy at risk.With more than 90 percent of an initial count concluded, Marcos Junior had secured almost 30 million votes, more than double the tally of his nearest rival, liberal candidate Leni Robredo.Rights activists and Catholic leaders and analysts had all warned Marcos Jr could rule with an even heavier fist if he wins by a large margin.*) Sri Lankan PM quits, lawmaker among several dead in violenceSri Lankan Prime Minister has resigned in the worst violence since anti-government protesters took to the streets against an unprecedented economic crisis.Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa stepped down after more than 100 people were wounded when his supporters attacked protesters demanding his and the president's ouster.Sri Lanka imposed curfew deploying thousands of troops and police to enforce it after the worst violence in weeks of protests.*) Cleaning up 'imminent' Yemen oil spill will cost $20BThe UN has warned that it would cost $20 billion to clean up an oil spill in the event of the "imminent" break-up of an oil tanker abandoned off Yemen."Our recent visit to (the FSO Safer) with technical experts indicates that the vessel is imminently going to break up," the UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen said.Last month, the UN said it was seeking nearly $80 million for its operation.And, finally...*) Famed painter Hockney’s The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, 2020 in IstanbulLegendary English painter David Hockney’s latest paintings created during the pandemic have arrived at Istanbul’s Sakip Sabanci Museum.They are prints of paintings created on a custom-made iPad app that a programmer had developed for the artist.A total of 116 artworks, printed on frames and filled with intricate detail now hang at Istanbul’s Sakip Sabanci Museum at Emirgan.Tuesday, May 10, 2022 Tue, 10 May 2022 10:33:04 +0000May 9, 2022*) Ukraine's Zelenskyy says Russian strike at school killed about 60Sixty civilians have died in the bombing of a school in eastern Ukraine's Lugansk region, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is appalled by the reported attack which hit a school where many people were apparently seeking shelter from the ongoing fighting.Guterres reiterated, in a statement, that civilians and civilian infrastructure must always be spared in times of war.*) Putin to mark Soviet Union's WW2 victory over Nazi GermanyPresident Vladimir Putin will lead anniversary celebrations of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany as Russian forces fight Ukrainians in one of the deadliest European conflicts since World War Two.Putin has in recent years used Victory Day to needle the West from a tribune in Red Square before a parade of troops, tanks, rockets and ballistic missiles.*) Philippines votes for new president in 'most consequential election'Filipinos have begun voting for a new president with the son of an ousted dictator and a champion of reforms and human rights as top contenders.Monday's election pits Vice President Leni Robredo against former senator and congressman Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the son and namesake of a dictator.Opinion polls put Marcos, popularly known as "Bongbong", leading his rival by over 30 percentage points, having topped every poll this year.*) Dozens killed in 'CODECO militia' raid on DRC gold mineRaiders have killed at least 35 people in an attack on a gold mine in Ituri, in Democratic com Republic of Congo, local sources said.One local official of the rural Mungwalu settlement in Djugu, Ituri, said the militia carried out the attack on the artisanal mine.29 bodies had been retrieved, while another six burnt bodies had been found buried at the site.And, finally...*) Türkiye inaugurates renovated Armenian church in DiyarbakirTürkiye has officially reopened a 16th-century Armenian church that had been damaged by terrorists before restoration by the Turkish government.Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said everyone “shares the excitement” of the renovated Armenian Church in Diyarbakir which will reopen for worship.The historic church in Diyarbakir's Sur district was damaged by PKK terrorist attacks in 2015.Monday, May 09, 2022 Mon, 09 May 2022 09:16:42 +0000May 6, 2022*) UK: Russia aims to take #Mariupol before V-DayThe UK believes Russia wants to take the port city of Mariupol and its vast steel mill before it marks Victory Day on Monday.“The renewed effort by Russia to secure Azovstal and complete the capture of Mariupol is likely linked to the upcoming 9 May Victory Day commemorations”, the British Defence Ministry said in a daily intelligence briefing.Whilst Ukrainian resistance continues in Azovstal, Russian losses will continue to build and frustrate their operational plans in southern Donbass, it added.*) Almost 500 civilians evacuated from Mariupol: UkraineStaying with Ukraine, Kiev has said almost 500 civilians have been evacuated from Mariupol and its besieged Azovstal steel plant since a UN-led rescue operation began."We have managed to evacuate almost 500 civilians," Andriy Yermak (An-dree Year-mak), who heads Volodymyr Zelenskyy's office, said.The United Nations had said that a new convoy would evacuate civilians from the "bleak hell" of the factory, which has become the last pocket of resistance in the southern port city.*) UK PM Johnson loses control of traditional strongholds in local electionsBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has lost control of traditional strongholds in London and suffered losses elsewhere in local elections.Early results showed that Johnson's party was ousted in Wandsworth - a low-tax Conservative stronghold since 1978.The Tories also said they had lost control of the borough of Barnet, which has been held by the party in all but two elections since 1964."This is a warning shot from Conservative voters," said Daniel Thomas, the Tory leader of Barnet council.*) Researchers find animal virus in deceased man's implanted pig heartUS researchers trying to learn what killed the first person to receive a heart transplant from a pig have discovered the organ harboured an animal virus.University of Maryland doctors said they found an unwelcome surprise, viral DNA inside the pig heart.They did not find signs that this bug was causing an active infection. But a major worry about animal-to-human transplants is the risk that it could introduce new kinds of infections to people.57-year-old David Bennett died in March, two months after the groundbreaking experimental transplant.And, finally...*) Asian Games postponed as China battles CovidThe Asian Games due to take place in China in September have been postponed indefinitely as Beijing battles a resurgence of Covid cases."The Olympic Council of Asia has announced that the 19th Asian Games will be postponed," said a statement on the official Games website.No reason was given for the delay, but China is racing to extinguish its largest outbreak of Covid-19 since the early days of the pandemic.#RussiaVDay #UKElection #OrganTransplant #PigHeart #AsianGamesFriday, May 06, 2022 Fri, 06 May 2022 09:35:14 +0000May 5, 2022*) Russia announces 3-day #ceasefire for civilian evacuations in Ukraine's MariupolRussia announces a three-day cease-fire for evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine's Black Sea port city of #Mariupol.In a statement, Russia’s defence ministry said an evacuation corridor would be opened in the #Azovstal area "based on humanitarian principles".The humanitarian corridor will be opened for the evacuation of civilians, including workers, women and children, from the Azovstal plant site on May 5-7, from 0500 GMT to 1500 GMT, the ministry said.*) UN: More than 300 evacuated from MariupolOver 300 civilians have been evacuated from Mariupol and other areas in southern Ukraine as part of a joint UN-Red Cross operation, the United Nations said.The evacuations came as Ukrainian forces inside Mariupol's Azovstal steel works said they were fighting "difficult bloody battles" against Russian troops.Mariupol is one of the most battered cities in #Ukraine. A group of Ukrainian forces are still holding out at the plant with hundreds of civilians trapped inside.*) UK votes in local elections with historic N Ireland result predictedPolls have opened across the UK in local and regional elections that could prove historic in Northern Ireland and heap further pressure on embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson.The contest in Belfast could see a pro-Irish nationalist party win for the first time in the troubled history of the British province.On the other side, poor results could reignite simmering discontent within Johnson’s ruling Conservatives about his leadership after a string of recent scandals.*) Colombia extradites 'world's most wanted' drug trafficker to US#Colombia has extradited the world's most wanted drug trafficker, Dairo Antonio Usuga David, to the United States, where he faces indictments in three federal courtsColombian President Ivan Duque said that Usuga David is "comparable only to Pablo Escobar", referring to the late former head of the Medellin drug cartel.The former rural warlord had stayed on the run for more than a decade by corrupting state officials and aligning himself with combattants on the left and right.Usuga David and his drug cartel are accused of illegally bringing over 73 tonnes of cocaine into the US between 2003 and 2012.And, finally...*) Real Madrid beat Man City, to face Liverpool in Champions League finalReal Madrid have fought back from the brink of elimination to beat Manchester City 3-1 after extra time in an enthralling and dramatic Champions League semi-final.City led 1-0 on the night when Riyad Mahrez scored after 73 minutes, but Real substitute Rodrygo equalised in the last minute of normal time.Five minutes into extra time Karim Benzema converted a penalty awarded for a foul on him and Real held the shell-shocked English side at bay to reach the final.Real, the record 13-times European champions, will play Liverpool on May 28 in Paris.#RealMadridThursday, May 05, 2022 Thu, 05 May 2022 10:34:01 +0000April 29, 2022*) Russia strikes Kiev during UN chief’s visitRussian forces have pressed their offensive in south and east Ukraine after bombarding capital Kiev during a visit by the United Nations' Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.At least three people were wounded in strikes in the western part of Kiev, the first in the capital in nearly two weeks.The strikes came after Guterres toured Bucha and other suburbs where Moscow is alleged to have committed mass atrocities.*) UNSC ‘failed to do everything in its power to end war’: GuterresStaying with Ukraine, UN chief Guterres admitted while visiting Kiev that the Security Council has failed to go far enough in its efforts to "prevent and end" Russian onslaught in Ukraine."Let me be very clear: the Security Council failed to do everything in its power to prevent and end this war,” Guterres said at a joint news conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.“This is the source of great disappointment, frustration and anger," he added.*) Erdogan visits Saudi Arabia to start new era in tiesTürkiye's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has met with top Saudi leadership in his first visit to the kingdom in five years following the invitation of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.King Salman received Erdogan in the city of Jeddah and both leaders held a closed-door meeting at Al Salam Royal Palace. Erdogan also met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman."I believe we will take our relations to a level beyond what they were previously; my visit will open the doors of a new era with our friend, brother Saudi Arabia," Erdogan said.*) South Asia wilts in heat as India rubbish mountain burnsMillions have sweltered in a dangerous early summer heatwave across India and Pakistan that has led to power and water shortages.Several states imposed power cuts on factories as air conditioning and fan consumption skyrocketed with temperatures crossing 45 Celsius in parts of the region.In Pakistan, temperatures are expected to be up to eight degrees higher than usual.Scientists say the climate crisis is making heatwaves harsher and more frequent across South Asia.And, finally...*) Scientists discover fossil of largest raptor dinosaur in southern ArgentinaA team of Argentine palaeontologists digging in Patagonia has discovered the remains of the largest dinosaur belonging to the raptor family ever recorded.The dinosaur, a new species named Maip macrothorax, was between nine and 10-metres-long, while other "megaraptors" were no longer than nine metres.The carnivorous dinosaur is thought to have inhabited what is now the southern tip of Argentina 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.Friday, April 29, 2022 Fri, 29 Apr 2022 08:52:37 +000000:0000:00Transcript ArchiveThis site uses cookies. 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ся гражданин Украины Колеснев Богдан Русланович — разработчик торговых и финансовых систем, ориентированных на рынок ПАВ. Помимо Колеснева, по его словам, в команду разработчиков входит некий Александр Дырявин из Чернигова, который отвечает за имейл-, СМС- и мессенджер-маркетинг в компании SendPulse.Подробности того, как ему удалось найти личные данные предполагаемых разработчиков «Гидры», он выложил на сайте omg.expert.«Афише Daily» удалось дозвониться по номеру, который якобы принадлежит Дырявину. Человек на другом конце провода представился Денисом и сказал, что не знает, кто такой Александр Дырявин и никогда не слышал о «Гидре». Он заявил, что находится в шоке от происходящего, и что с утра ему уже звонили с подобными вопросами. Собеседник подтвердил, что живет в Украине, однако о роде своей деятельности и других подробностях личной жизни уточнять не стал. По второму номеру никто так и не ответил.Комментарий от человека, который представился Александром Дырявиным, удалось получить по почте. Он заявил, что является обычным рядовым разработчиком, который никогда не разрабатывал продуктов и сайтов, используемых в теневом бизнесе. До вчерашнего дня, по его словам, он даже не знал о существовании «Гидры». Другие контакты, указанные на сайте и приписываемые Дырявину, за исключением номера телефона, принадлежат ему, подтвердил собеседник.Данные, которые указаны в статье, взяты из открытых источников. Факт моей регистрации на каком то из серверов gitlab лишь доказывает то, что я являюсь разработчиком, но не мое причастие к разработке к порталу по торговле наркотиками. Если получить доступ к серверу который указан в статье — то мои слова можно будет проверить. Больше мне нечего добавить.В контактах, якобы принадлежащих Богдану Колесневу, указаны группа в «ВКонтакте» проекта «Telebot Community» по созданию ботов для Telegram, телеграм-канал под названием «Наркотики зло» с 7 подписчиками, страница в «ВКонтакте» некоего Александра Птушкина, твиттер-аккаунт пользователя Askold Monarkhov и резюме Колеснева Богдана на сайте work.ua.С почтового ящика, который приписывается Колесневу, нам пришел следующий ответ: «Мои разработки под заказ начали использовать в целях, о которых мне не сообщали. Но даже при этом там мои разработки использовались не в „Гидре“, а в каких‑то других проектах, отношения к которым я не имею».«ОМГ» — сайт в даркнете, выполняющий роль посредника между продавцами наркотических веществ и их покупателями. Помимо наркотиков, на площадке можно купить поддельные купюры, хакерские услуги, фальшивые документы и другие запрещенные товары. За год, по подсчетам издания «Проект», площадка зарабатывает больше 1 млрд рублей.
Официальный сайт гидры онион ramponion com


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Da 30 anni il successo di manager, brand e prodotti
passa per BPRESS.Be the next hero.HOW TO MAKE A HERO.Come nasce un hero product?Come si presenta un prodotto e si racconta un brand per attirare l’attenzione dei potenziali clienti? Come si differenzia dalla concorrenza? Il nostro incarico comincia proprio qui, creando la strategia di comunicazione più adatta e lavorando duramente per fare diventare brand e prodotti i protagonisti di uno stile di vita. E noi partiamo da quello che ti aspetti da un’agenzia di PR: le relazioni con i giornalisti e i blogger per creare interesse e visibilità sui media tradizionali e online, il dialogo con gli influencer e i brand ambassador attraverso i social media, la progettazione di eventi e la produzione di contenuti multimediali. Uniamo media relations e comunicazione tradizionale con i nuovi linguaggi del video making e dello storytelling. Cioè, per usare una parola di moda: ci occupiamo di content marketing.Come far parlare di un’azienda?Aiutando i manager a dialogare con la business community. Studiando competitor e mercati, parlando quotidianamente con i giornalisti-chiave e con i blogger,organizzando incontri, interviste ed eventi con i media nazionali, locali e verticali cartacei, on air e on line. Insomma, facendo tutto quello che è utile per favorire il dialogo con gli influencer sui temi-chiave. Risultato: i manager delle aziende per cui lavoriamo crescono in autorevolezza e riconoscibilità. Perché la comunicazione corporate oggi passa attraverso il personal branding del top management, il media training e le speaking opportunities. Ma anche attraverso contenuti di qualità, interessanti per i media e per le community dei clienti. E poi, sperando di doverlo fare il meno possibile, affianchiamo l’azienda nel crisis management.Be the next hero.I nostri eroiSCOPRILI TUTTIDicono di noiNFONGrande conoscenza del mercato e degli opinion leader, contatti chiave nel mondo dei media e abilità nel trasmettere e amplificare i messaggi strategici, nei tempi e nei modi corretti: in BPRESS non abbiamo trovato solo l’eccellenza in questi ambiti ma anche un team capace di anticipare le nostre richieste, di proporre idee e contenuti di qualità e di un dinamismo contagioso. Marco Pasculli, VP International Revenue Operations – NFONBABBELBabbel si è posizionata nel tempo come punto di riferimento e realtà esperta nel campo dell’educazione, oltre che come fonte autorevole di dati e informazioni per differenti tipologie di media. Non solo in ambito strettamente linguistico, ma in un contesto più ampio associato al mondo della cultura, della tecnologia, della carriera e del lifestyle. Per raggiungere questo traguardo il team BPRESS è stato fondamentale, grazie a un lavoro costante di content creation, che ci ha permesso di trasmettere i vantaggi del metodo Babbel, di raggiungere le differenti tipologie dei nostri utenti e di ottenere una media coverage sempre in crescita e di grande qualità.Raquel Meca Garrido, Senior International PR Manager Spain, Italy, France – BABBELLINEA MAMMABABYLa brand essence rappresenta il cuore e l’anima di un’azienda e il Team BPRESS è riuscito da subito, con velocità e grande competenza, a cogliere l’essenza del nostro marchio. E questo è fondamentale per un brand come Linea MammaBaby, pensato per un target allargato, i bambini e l’intera famiglia. Abbiamo lanciato insieme nuovi prodotti, con successo, e siamo riusciti finalmente a fare quel cambio di passo nella comunicazione, sia sui mezzi tradizionali, sia sui canali social!Maria Elena Olcelli, CEO – LINEA MAMMABABYNEXTDOORIn BPRESS ho trovato innanzitutto un partner, non solo un consulente. Ho trovato un alleato, che mi ha affiancato negli anni, nella comunicazione strategica e operativa. Ho trovato un team sempre disponibile e appassionato che, fin dal lancio di Nextdoor in Italia, non ha mai smesso di creare campagne Pr particolarmente smart, tanto da essere più volte fonte di ispirazione per le agenzie di comunicazione delle altre country europee in cui siamo presenti.Amedeo Galano, Head of Italy – NEXTDOORDoppietta di premi per BPRESS ai Touchpoint Awards Engagement 2021R3START! TV, la web tv in live streaming sui canali FB e di BPRESS, si aggiudica il primo premio di categoria Comunicazione Corporate Il lancio di Le Mani sul Mondo, primo podcast Audible Original di Roberto Saviano in esclusiva per Audible.it – nell’ambito di Maratona Podcast – Tramedautore – ...


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